Customer Experience

Put top line growth into warp drive by understanding your more empowered, perpetually connected customers. To maximize return on spend means discovering, analyzing, improving, and managing the customer experience. It also means shifting from a static view of the customer experience to an ecosystem view of interdependent people, processes, systems, policies, and culture responsive to customer demands.

Employee Engagement

Growth requires engaging employees, who have a collective choice about the level of engagement to offer to both customers and their employer. Each reinforces the other. An engaged employee experiences a blend of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job involvement and feelings of empowerment. Engagement is measurable; performance correlated; and varies from poor to great. How you engage can help avoid Borg-like apathy taking over the collective.

Sales Effectiveness

Many Customer experience programs fail to fully connect marketing [and brand promises] and sales. Getting maximum return on CX means full integration [aka Vulcan CX Mind Meld] with sales effectiveness. This includes the right targeted offerings, investment in the right sales tools and procedures, robust and aligned performance management, and ensuring the right coverage model for each customer segment with well aligned resources.

Service Delivery

"Choreography". The service delivery part of the CX ecosystem includes tactics you’ll use when producing the experience: knowledge base and processes, customer contact strategy and technology, capacity, talent plans, policies, and systems strategy. And just as important, a customer feedback “closed loop” which will enable continuous optimization of your solution. Beam us up Scotty!

“We engaged Rick to help us clarify how to excel at customer-focused employee engagement. His team was able to help us confirm and clarify key opportunities, and how to realize those opportunities using a destination-back roadmap.”

- Cathy Martine, President - Enterprise Business Solutions at AT&T

“Rick completed service blueprinting for my company. He was undaunted in the face of a complex business model and entrenched cultural taboos... his outcomes were compelling... far above expectations.”

Rob Moore, Value Proposition Designer, Liberty Mutual Insurance