Our “core” focus is on helping B2B and B2B2C customers understand their target customers experience requirements and translating that into people, process, and system changes related to sales effectiveness and performance and service delivery.  We do that by taking a strategy and process approach and applying fundamentals such as brand understanding, customer segmentation, and a select portfolio of transformation frameworks – which are in the public domain.  One core notion we’d like to make sure you understand is our belief that especially in B2B and B2B2C businesses that employee engagement is vital.

Our goal is to help you grow, grow quickly, and understand how to lead it after we leave.  We work for you to improve top and bottom line financial performance.  Our services include:

  • Voice of Customer (and Employee) program design, implementation, and coaching.
  • Customer Journey Mapping – to define key interactions that matter and how they connect to people processes and delivery.
  • Service Blueprinting – to translate customer requirements and employee expectations into process and system requirements.
  • Sales Effectiveness – to ensure B2B sales teams are optimized to deliver what customers expect while also driving top-line growth.
  • Service Delivery – largely through a service profit assessment we can identify key opportunities to improve service delivery and best practices for service recovery.  [Note: while we do evaluate inbound and outbound call center effectiveness that are many companies that we can recommend to you if the only area you are focused on is call center performance].
  • Business Transformation – Often to drive top line growth we work with companies on topics such a strategy refresh [using the Business Canvas], brand assessment, marketing segmentation [largely to define the critical few customer segments], six sigma process improvement – especially design for six sigma – with more of a service vs. product innovation focus, business scorecards (aka key performance dashboards and “Hoshin” plans), and culture and change management.
  • Training and Coaching –  We can help you sustain the gains by developing the training and coaching needed and working with a network of partners to support your longer-term success.